WAI – Accessibility

Observing accessibility criteria ensures that a website is made accessible irrespective of technical requirements and restrictions.

The project team responsible for designing this website tried to make it as easily accessible as possible by observing the guidelines drawn up by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)'s Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI).

Operating Instructions

Page zoom
You can enlarge the page by pressing the key combination "CTRL" and "+" or "CTRL" and "-". (Apple users press the "Apple" key instead of "CTRL"). .

Using the website without a mouse
All menu items and sub items can be selected via the "Tabulator" key and can be accessed by pressing "Enter". Each page has at least one heading (H1) which can be emitted via a screen reader.

All images include descriptive alt attributes. These can be displayed by moving the mouse over an image. Screen readers will read out the title of the image.

This website supports all common browsers.

Diese Website ist W3C CSS 2.1 valide!