The Leopold Museum Private Foundation would like to thank all the institutions and individuals involved in helping to create the EGON SCHIELE AUTOGRAPH DATABASE for their generous cooperation and kind support.

Museums, archives and libraries with a particularly comprehensive inventory of autographs

Albertina, Vienna/A
Along with 200 watercolors and drawings by Schiele, the Albertina also looks after the EGON SCHIELE ARCHIVE founded by Max Wagner (1882-1954). After Wagner‘s death, the archive was bequeathed to the Albertina, where the inventory of Christian M. Nebehay (1909-2003) was organized and published in 1979 in a work entitled Egon Schiele 1890-1918. Leben, Briefe, Gedichte. Today, the archive comprises approximately 1400 objects, including letters written by and addressed to Egon Schiele, documents, sketchbooks, notebooks, diaries and photographs.

Leopold Museum, Vienna/A
The Leopold Museum owns 42 oil paintings as well as 184 watercolors, drawings and prints by Egon Schiele and holds therefore the worlds largest and most important collection of works by this artist. The collection built by Rudolf Leopold (1925–2010) also comprises a comprehensive inventory of autographs, photographs and varia, among them calligraphic poems, a letter with aphorisms addressed to his uncle Leopold Czihaczek and a lock of hair of his wife Edith Schiele.

Wienbibliothek im Rathaus, Vienna/A
Comprising more than 200 letters, the autograph collection of the Vienna City Library boasts a comprehensive compilation of correspondence by Egon Schiele, particularly with the art critic Arthur Roessler (1877-1955) and the collector Heinrich Benesch (1862-1947).

Österreichische Nationalbibliothek, Vienna/A
The Austrian National Library‘s collection of autographs and old prints houses the correspondence between Egon Schiele and the architect Moritz Otto Kuntschik (1874-1933) who leased Schiele’s workshop in the Hietzinger Hauptstraße 101 to the artist.

Tiroler Landesmuseum Ferdinandeum, Innsbruck/A
In 1953, the Ferdinandeum came into possession of numerous autographs and other documents that were part of the correspondence between Egon Schiele and the art dealer Guido Arnot (1876-1946), many of them relating to the preparations for a collective exhibition held in 1915.


Further Museums / Archives / Libraries

Bezirksmuseum Hietzing, Vienna/A
Egon Schiele Art Centrum, Český Krumlov/CZ
Egon Schiele Museum, Tulln/A
Evangelische Pfarrgemeinde A. B., Vienna/A
Gustav Klimt | Wien 1900 - Private Foundation, Vienna/A
Gustinus Ambrosi-Gesellschaft, Vienna/A
Heeresgeschichtliches Museum, Vienna/A
Krahuletz Museum, Eggenburg/A
Kunsthaus Zug, Zug/CH
Lentos Kunstmuseum, Linz/A
Library of Congress, Washington D.C./USA
Museum Wiesbaden, Wiesbaden/D
Osthaus Museum Hagen, Hagen/D
Österreichische Galerie Belvedere, Vienna/A
Österreichisches Staatsarchiv, Vienna/A
Österreichisches Theatermuseum, Vienna/A
Sabarsky Collection, New York/USA
Staatliches Bezirksarchiv Český Krumlov, Český Krumlov/CZ
Stadtarchiv Klosterneuburg, Klosterneuburg/A
Stadtmuseum Klosterneuburg, Klosterneuburg/A
Stift Klosterneuburg, Klosterneuburg/A
Wien Museum, Vienna/A
Wiener Stadt- und Landesarchiv, Vienna/A


Galleries / Art Dealers

Antiquariat & Kunsthandlung Christian M. Nebehay, Vienna/A
Galerie Kornfeld & Cie, Bern/CH
Galerie St. Etienne, New York/USA
Galerie W&K Wienerroither & Kohlbacher, Vienna/A
Kunstverlag Alfons Walde, Kitzbühel/A
Neue Galerie New York, New York/USA


Private Collections

Alessandra Comini, Dallas/USA
Sammlung Gradisch, A
Regina Heilmann-Thon, Baldham/D
Sammlung Kamm, Zug/CH
Sammlung E. W. Kornfeld, Bern/CH
Leopold Private Collection, Vienna/A
Hannah Rieger, Vienna/A

as well as numerous other people who wish to remain anonymous.


Egon Schiele behind the painting "Autumn Tree in Stirred Air (Winter Tree)", 1912
Atelier Ungar, Neulengbach
Egon Schiele behind his painting "Autumn Tree in Stirred Air (Winter Tree)", 1912
Leopold, Private Collection