Terms of Use

( 1 ) Purpose of the database
The present database was commissioned by the former Austrian Federal Ministry for Education, Arts and Culture (today The Austrian Federal Chancellery, Division II: Arts and Culture) and serves as an online platform for research on the Austrian artist Egon Schiele (1890-1918).

The database records autographic documents and source materials on the artist‘s life and oeuvre, linking known and newly discovered autographs by, addressed to and about Egon Schiele as well as varia on the artist from Austrian and international collections for research purposes.

( 2 ) Initiator and ongoing database maintenance
The database was initiated, designed and compiled by the Leopold Museum Private Foundation who will continue to maintain it. A translation of the autographs to English is currently in progress and will likely be made available by 2020.

( 3 ) Rights holders
All rights pertaining to autographs and varia are held exclusively by the rights holders designated by name and, if available, by inventory number with the individual objects (display option "Details") in the field "Inventory Evidence". A list of rights holders can be found under the menu item "Partners".

All illustrations have been provided by the rights holders for use in this database. Users of the database are not authorized to utilize these images for their own purposes.

Inquiries pertaining to reproduction/copying are to be placed with the rights holders directly, as permission to reproduce/copy content can only be granted by them. Only in cases when rights holders wish to remain anonymous are such inquires to be made by contacting office@schiele-dokumentation.at.

Objects whose current whereabouts are unknown to the Leopold Museum Private Foundation are designated with the explanatory note "Whereabouts Unknown", while any information pertaining to hitherto known ownership is provided in the field "Provenance".

( 4 ) Search modes, registration
The database allows for research to be conducted using two different search modes. The "Quick Search" mode offers a full-text search function as well as check boxes to select the desired document category. The "Expert Search" mode is equipped with additional fields pertaining to technique, material, inventory evidence and catalogue raisonné numbers. Until the autographs are published, this advanced search function is available by registering with the database.
In order to register, users need to provide a user name and password of their choice, their name and surname as well as a valid e-mail address and need to state either the name of the institution they work for or whether they are private individuals. All personal data disclosed to the Leopold Museum Private Foundation will only be used to activate access to this advanced research option (within 2 working days) as well as to inform users via e-mail of news, upcoming dates and events related to Schiele. All data provided by the user will be treated as strictly confidential according to the current legal provisions governing data protection and will not be passed on to third parties.

( 5 ) Liability, links
The contents of this site have been carefully researched and the database has been extensively tested.However, the Leopold Museum Private Foundation cannot guarantee that the server will be available at all times. Should the server break down or maintenance work need to be carried out on the site, the database may not be available for an indefinite period of time.
The Leopold Museum Private Foundation does not accept any liability for content by third parties that the website refers to either directly or indirectly (through links).

( 6 ) Citation
The individual rights holder is to be cited as the owner of an object. The individual rights holder is named in the field "Inventory Evidence". In case the rights holder is a private collector who wishes to remain anonymous or if the whereabouts of an object cannot be traced and are designated as “Whereabouts Unknown”, the title of the database is to be cited along with the URL as follows:
Egon Schiele Autograph Database, ID: 0000
URL: http://www.schiele-dokumentation.at

( 7 ) Data Protection
The Data Privacy Statement of the Leopold Museum Private Foundation, Museumsplatz 1, 1070 Vienna, contains all the required information about the processing of data and about the rights, especially the right to information, the right of withdrawal and the right to delete. This information is given on request or can be accessed at any time online at https://www.leopoldmuseum.org/en/dataprotection.

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