Welcome to the website of the "Egon Schiele Autograph Database"!

Commissioned by the Austrian Federal Ministry for Education, Arts and Culture, this database serves as a research platform on the Austrian artist Egon Schiele. The database was compiled by the Leopold Museum Private Foundation who will continue to expand it.

Egon Schiele (1890-1918) created more than 350 paintings as well as approximately 2,800 watercolors and drawings. While Schiele‘s artistic oeuvre is believed to be fairly well documented in catalogues raisonnés and various publications, attempts at documenting autographs and other biographical documents from the artist’s archive have been rather fragmentary in the past and have not been made in recent years.

Based on the publications by Arthur Roessler (1921) and Christian M. Nebehay (1979), the aim of the database is to compile all known and newly discovered autographs by, addressed to or about Egon Schiele as well as varia on the artist from Austrian and international collections and institutions within one database in order to make them accessible for online research.

At present, the database comprises 2467 data sets from more than 30 institutions and collections. The website also offers a detailed biography of Egon Schiele as well as a comprehensive bibliography. A publication of the autographs is currently in progress and will likely be made available by the autumn of 2012.

Research: the database allows for research to be conducted using two different search modes: quick search and expert search. A search guide can be found under the menu items “Search” and “Search Help“. The expert search function will be available from 7 April 2011 at the Egon Schiele Documentation Center of the Leopold Museum Private Foundation. External researchers can register to use this search function online. > Register here


Egon Schiele, Poem "A Self-Portrait", 1910
Egon Schiele, Poem "A Self-Portrait", 1910
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